Cool but not cold winters, warm-to-hot summers, a decent amount of rain for plants to grow, many villages and cities. This is your average Temperate climate location.

Temperate climates are mild, characterized by lack of cold winters. Summers may either be hot (up to +40 C) or just warm (~+20 C), depending on location.

These climates are the most densely populated by humans. It has been so for milleniums and most major civilizations were born in temperate climes. Snow is rare and when it snows life in the cities may get paralyzed (especially the traffic). Heating is either not available or limited, leading to some deaths even in temperatures that are not extremely cold.

The zone has several different areas:

Mediterranean climate

Mediterranean area has the hottest and driest (sunniest) summers when the nature turns yellowish and water shortages happen. Agriculture is especially lucrative with two annual harvests. Traditions such as siesta (midday non-work time) developed to survive extreme summer midday heat. In summer weekends the cities empty out for resorts. The resorts of these areas are also popular among foreigners in summers when they offer almost totally sunny days and warm seas.

Spain temperate mediterranean climate

Sun-baked summer at Temperate Mediterranean climate (Spain)

Humid subtropical climate (subtropical rainforests)

In Humid subtropical area the summers are just as hot as in the Mediterranean area but wet rather than dry. The dry season may exist in winter or not exist at all.

Lots of rain allow subtropical rainforests to thrive. They have a smaller variety of plants than the tropical rainforests but are still quite lush and dense.

Temperate rainforest in Taiwan

A mountainous temperate rainforest (Taiwan)

Oceanic climate

Oceanic climate has warm summers, cool even (15-20 C summer daytime), but the winters largely stay above freezing point, meaning little annual difference in temerature. Entire year may have many but short rains leading to a green nature with grass and trees. Forests used to cover a much larger area than today but have been largely cut down over the centuries to give way to crops.

Temperate Oceanic climate in New Zealand

Temperate Oceanic climate is never extreme, but the summers are warmer and greener (New Zealand)

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